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Who am I?

Most of the time, our gift set is like a muscle group. If I want to get in shape, I have to exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. Our gifts are very similar. God gives us the ability and the affinity to develop our gifts. We have to feed those gifts and know when to rest them. Keep in mind that our gifts do not define who we are or our value in God’s eyes. But like any loving father, he wants the very best for us

and for us to live with purpose.

Society will tell you that you are defined by what you like, what you do, and the circle of Friends you have acquired. While all of these things are a part of your personality and genetic makeup, you are not easy to define. You are not the sum of your sexual exploits or even preference. Many people bounce from one hobby to the next trying to fulfill some dream that will hopefully tell them that they matter. This is a real issue. Some try to find it in relationships, and when that other person fails to "love "them the way they feel they need to be loved, they move on to the next, trying to find the next person that will make them feel valued. Others try to fill that void by subscribing to a political ideology or cause. Now don't get me wrong, causes and political activism can be a good thing, but let's not forget that God cares more about who you are than what you can do for him. Character matters. My identity matters. It's a travesty that the word -identity- is misused in our culture. The attitude that claims "I identify as this or that" makes us God of our lives and leaves out the Creator who designed us in the first place.

The question is, "Am I looking to discover who I am? Or am I just trying to justify a lifestyle?" I have heard so many people try to justify affairs, shady business deals, and money mismanagement, all in the name of identity.

As Christians, our identity is wrapped up in our relationship to Christ. In other words, I "identify" as Christ. Not in the sense that you are him but in the sense that he is where you get your value. He is who you are to mirror in every aspect of your life. God gave each of us gifts to use within the confines of our identity. And just like sex is to be used within the confines of marriage, our gift set is to be used within the confines of our relationship to the Creator.

Think about this. What would happen if Christians celebrated their gifts by using them to further the Kingdom? If these gifts were used to feed the poor, point people to Jesus, and encourage one another?

In reality, we tend to step on others to get ahead, line our own pockets, brand our name instead of the name of Yeshua. Understanding our value is in Christ is not the key to fleeting happiness but lifelong fulfillment and joy.

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