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I Need Air!

As many of my friends and relatives know, I am a certified rescue diver. When I was first certified, I wanted to get in the water right away. I booked a drift dive on a boat not far from where I live. There was an instructor there named Mack who was leading the trip. He marked his fins with fluorescent paint so people could spot him underwater. The dive was about 90 to 100 feet down, and I thought I was ready for anything. About twenty-five minutes into the dive, several divers signaled that there was something wrong with my gear. I looked at my pressure gauge, and I could see the needle moving, and all my air was gone in a matter of thirty seconds. I looked around for the fluorescent fins. I could not see them just as I resigned myself to shooting to the surface and risking the Benz or worse. I caught a glimpse of his fins about twenty-five yards away. In a stroke of luck, Mack turned to face me. Just as I finished the last breath of air, Mack began finning over to where I was.

I signaled that I was out of air, and Mack made a motion with his hands that I was to put my hands behind me. He then grabbed my buoyancy compensator and my release valve. He then shoved his regulator into my mouth and put his back up into his. He brought me up to fifty feet, and we sat there for was seemed like an eternity. Then he brought me up to 20 feet, and we sat there for a while as well. When we finally reached the surface, he told me that I was the calmest rescue he ever had to perform. He also told me that if I had panicked, then he would let me drown. The reason is that a panicked diver is a danger to the rescue diver as well.

In our lives, we ask God to rescue us from time to time. However, we tend to try to control everything at the same time. It was easy to trust Mac because I could see him, and I knew that he knew how to take care of the situation. With God, there are many times when God is telling us to let go. There was a time when I was trying to control everything in my life. When I asked Jesus to become my Lord and Savior, I began a journey of losing control. Trusting God is easy when it comes to our feelings and emotions. It is difficult in a crisis. I am giving up the reigns to allow him to take over means to give up control and place control in his capable hands. I also know that the journey to redemption is scary. The rescue does not look like what I want. It is what I need.

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