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Add Value

I have noticed something when I talk to successful people. Their vernacular is different from the rest of us. It's not just the lack of personal pronouns in their speech, but the focus on adding value to others. Many authors are trying to make a name for themselves, and that's a good thing to a point. But many in the entertainment industry see their stories or music or acting to enrich themselves or become famous. The best ones are not trying to be famous at all. Their focus is on enriching the lives of others and adding value to people who are living their day-to-day lives and providing hope. Brad Meltzer, New York Times Bestselling author, is an excellent example of this. He has many thrillers, even wrote for Marvel and DC comics. But lately, he has been focused on his children's series, educating them about heroes of history and encouraging children to make a difference in their world. When you talk to him, Brad is always building others up and highlighting his team. A generosity of spirit doesn't come from an effort to lift himself up but rather add value to others.

I can think of many others who do the same thing. Living for a legacy is more important than building a name. A legacy doesn't come from self-promotion. It comes from living in a way that influences others. It comes from simple acts of kindness and showing others some people care for them. If you have a voice, use it to make a difference. If you think you have no voice, use your actions to make a difference. If you think that no one cares, then reach out to others. When you add value, you are doing something that makes a world of difference. You are a purveyor of hope in a world that has gone mad.

What would happen if more people lived this way? What if we focused on our shared values instead of political divides? What if we took our personal responsibility to show kindness to those who believe differently, spoke truth to those who would divide, and loved people who were down and out? The answer to society's problems lies not in government intervention or political ideology but in the simple actions of people to take care of the poor, lift the brokenhearted, and act with humility and purpose. It is about time for there to be a movement of people to accept responsibility for our mistakes, focus on solutions rather than blame, and make a difference in our communities. Let's add value to every endeavor.

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